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Nebula PixInsight Processing Workflow now available!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Our Nebula PixInsight Workflow is now available! It is an easy-to-follow course that takes you through all of the processing steps we use to process monochrome astronomical images, specifically nebulae. This is a great resource for any amateur astrophotographer who wants to become better at processing data using PixInsight. The guide was designed in a way that you can easily leave it open on a side window while processing and quickly follow each step as you go.

What does it include? Find out below!

Nebula processing guide for pixinsight


Our Astrophotography Processing Workflow

We decided to make an advanced guide that will not only be helpful for RGB data but also for Monochrome images. In this course, we use NGC7000/IC 5070, the North America and Pelican Nebulae as an example, and process the image from start to finish using some more difficult steps that aren't included in our beginner guide.

As promised when we released it, the guide has been updated several times throughout the years to match PixInsight's newest versions and to add more tips and tricks we discovered over time.

Galactic Hunter PixInsight Processing Workflow for nebulae

As of today, the course includes 20 lessons, our raw data, and 18 walkthrough videos with commentary. You'll also be able to download our custom PixInsight process icons that includes all our pre-sets!

Oh, and it also has a section that covers how to download and process professional data from NASA and space telescopes!

The video below quickly talks about the processing guide

The course is formatted in a way that it is very easy to read, simple to follow, and does not drag on forever! Each step fits on one page so that all information is given straight to the point. To make things even easier to follow, the processes described in this guide also have an embedded tutorial video showing you exactly how to apply the process.

Galactic Hunter PixInsight Processing Workflow nebula