Advanced PixInsight Workflow now available!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The advanced version of our full PixInsight workflow is now available! What's new compared to the "basic" version and what does it include? Find out below!

Both guides are available to Patreons

The Beginner Processing Workflow

Many of you found our original PixInsight PDF guide really helpful, and we thank you for the nice feedback! This guide, available for $8, shows how we process our RGB images from start to finish. This is a great and easy to follow guide that is perfect for beginners who want to process galaxies, clusters, and other broadband targets exactly the way we do it. We used the spiral galaxy Messier 106 as an example in the guide.

The PDF file contains 26 pages and you have access to the raw data of M106 for you to practice or follow along.

The Advanced Processing Workflow

A year later, we decided to make a more advanced guide that will not only be helpful for RGB data but also for Monochrome images. In this new guide, we use IC 5070, the Pelican Nebula as an example and process it from start to finish using some more difficult steps that weren't included in the base version.

The PDF file is 77 pages long, and once again includes a link to download our raw data for you to practice. It also has a full walkthrough video with commentary of the entire workflow which lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. You'll also be able to download our custom PixInsight project file that includes all our pre-sets! The price is $24.

The PDF guide is formatted in a way that it is very easy to read, simple to follow and does not drag on forever! Each step fits on one page so that all information is given straight to the point. To make things even easier to follow, most of the processes described in this guide also have an embedded tutorial video on the next page showing you exactly how to apply the process.

Below are some of the content you can expect to learn from this guide:

  • How to easily go through all your files and delete any unwanted data

  • How to stack your images

  • Drizzling and what it does

  • Cropping several images with the exact same aspect ratio and size

  • How to use DynamicBackgroundExtraction

  • Deconvolution and making the stars sharper

  • Reducing the noise in our Linear data

  • Combining monochrome data into one color image

  • Switching to Non-Linear: The three different options we use and how we keep the best result

  • Removing the green pixels from our image

  • How to easily fix Magenta looking Stars

  • Reducing the size of the stars

  • Completely removing all our stars using StarNet

  • Using Clone Stamp to remove artifacts in our image

  • Using Dynamic Background Extraction in the Non Linear phase

  • Creating masks for specific colors

  • Using Curves Transformation and our Color Masks to achieve the perfect hue and saturation

  • for each color channel

  • Several ways to reduce the noise in our image

  • Combining the HA channel as the Luminance channel on our main image

  • The three best ways of Sharpening our image

  • The power of Curves Transformation

  • Enhancing the dark areas in our image such as the interstellar dust lanes

  • Adding the stars back with PixelMath

  • Exporting our image the right way

The two last steps also talk about using Lightroom to further enhance our image.


Purchasing the Advanced PixInsight processing guide gives you access to unlimited support for life. You can contact us at anytime, either through the Thinkiffic course page, through our social media channels or through email directly, and we will reply to you as soon as possible! We already do our best to answer everybody's questions, but you will be automatically placed in our primary contacts and get help in a timely manner.

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