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My Astro Journal - AVAILABLE NOW!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This page regroups some information about our Astrophotography app: My Astro Journal.

The app is now available on the Apple store for iPhone and iPad devices, for free! We have worked on this app for several years and it is our hope that lots of amateur astrophotographers, beginner or experienced, will find it helpful!

Learn more about the app below!

My Astro Journal Astrophotography app


My Astro Journal is an innovative app that will quickly become your best companion under the stars!

Entirely dedicated to amateur astrophotographers, My Astro Journal will help you keep track of all your imaging sessions, check your progress over time and challenge yourself in community competitions. One of the core aspects of the app is the card catalog, where cards unlock as you photograph and attempt to capture all of the most iconic objects in the night sky.

We have been working on this app for almost three years before announcing it. It is an enormous amount of work and a project that was way more expensive than we anticipated. Please consider supporting the app either on Patreon or through Paypal to help us keep it free and without any ads. This will help us pay our developer, Google's cloud service, Apple's annual subscription and other maintenance fees.


Save all your memories under the stars

Spent 6 hours imaging a difficult target last night?

Met some friends, had fun and made great memories under the stars?

Enter the Calendar tab and record it all!

First, add the object's name on the top left, the constellation will be recognized automatically!

Then, input the time, location, equipment used, and write down your memories from the night.