Announcing an exciting partnership!

Hello everyone! Antoine and I are excited to share some news with you all that will impact our channel and progress from now on! In short, we have taken the opportunity to partner up with a notable company to continue chasing deep sky objects and fulfilling our goal to capture the entire Messier catalog.

We enjoy sharing content with you all and we want to explain our partnership, how we feel about this opportunity, and what you can expect to see from us in the future.

In the beginning, we were just two people enthused by space in the outskirts of Las Vegas with our first pair of binoculars. It was then that something sparked within Antoine and he thought perhaps there was more to see beyond the naked eye. One pair of binoculars snowballed into a DSLR camera, then our telescope and mount! In 2016, we created one of our first videos, as we knew that unboxing was quite popular, so we tried our hand at it to spark conversations with other astrophotographers. You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Shortly after that video, we decided to create a full-fledged informational video series and created Galactic Hunter.

Fast forward to us now in 2019, our equipment has upgraded, we purchased more lenses, got a new camera, and had so many sandwiches in the dark.

In growing our channel and following, we considered different options to continue making content. One of those options was to find a mutually beneficial relationship with someone who believed in us. At first, we thought to reach out to reputable companies with interest in the areas of astronomy and/or astrophotography, and to our surprise, someone reached out to US!

We were absolutely thrilled to hear from OPT who wanted us to partner with them!

Oceanside Photo and Telescope, or OPT, is an online retailer marketplace for everything astro-related. We know them to be the biggest distributor of astro equipment, as well as a powerful influence online on their social media accounts. They also hold events, have their own podcast (Space junk) and more!

3 years ago, we reached out to someone on Instagram when we were just getting started, and they kindly helped us when we were no-name nobodies, that person was Dustin Gibson, the current CEO of OPT. We were watching Dustin post incredible astro photographs taken with his wife, Ginny, and they were a pair we looked up to as they were much more skilled than us! We spoke to Dustin before purchasing our first upgrade, and he helped us making sure the equipment we planned to get was right for us and helped us save money in the process. We have a lot of respect for Dustin and his wife for helping us out.

A couple of years afterwards, they purchased OPT and became the owners! It was incredible to reconnect with someone who became that successful in the astronomy field and wanted the same for us, and so we tendered a partnership.

Antoine and Dalia, what does all of this mean?

What this partnership means going forward is now we will be able to upload more diverse content for our viewers. That makes us excited to work on videos of the astro variety, reviews of equipment, and creating our favorite things: the series episodes! You will see the OPT brand in some of our videos and links to their website to view equipment you may see us review or use. This partnership means that OPT is here to help us keep going with our mission to capture all the Messier objects and allow us to keep paying it forward by helping and showing other aspiring astrophotographers the way we were helped.

Clear Skies,

Galactic Hunter

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