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- We process your raw files for any Deep Sky Object to the best of our abilities

- Receive the final .JPG, .TIFF files

- Receive a breakdown of the processes used to achieve the result

- Receive tips for improving in the future



All Basic features plus:

- We will record the entire process on video and send it to you


*There is no difference in the quality of the work between the Basic and Premium plans.

** PixInsight will be used to process your data.

Astrophotography Image Processing

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Process
Subscribe & Save 15%!
$63.75every month until canceled
  • Once your order is placed, please do the following:

    - Calibrate and stack your data so that you have a MASTER file (or several if you used different filters)

    - Upload your master file(s) on a hosting website like WeTransfer or similar

    - Email the link to download to data to and feel free to add any information that you feel is important about your data

  • If you select to subscribe to monthly processing services, you will be able to send Antoine your data once a month to be processed! This is a good way to save money and get your images processed regularly and stress-free.