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Our private workshop is a one-on-one session in person with us in the area surrounding Las Vegas in southern Nevada. We will teach you astrophotography based on your goal: Milky Way photography, deep-sky photography, lunar photography, etc.


This workshop is made up of two sessions: an in-person practice taking course over one evening, then a second meeting (in-person or virtually) to teach you how to process your the images you photographed. We will coach you on the skills you need for astrophotography and practice on your personal equipment, as well as get you familiar with how to edit photos in special software.


Transportation, food, and lodging are not provided by us, please plan accordingly

In-Person Private Astrophotography Workshop

  • Please know that because we need to block days off on our calendar for this, we can only offer a partial 50% refund if you decide to cancel the workshop.

    A full refund will be issued if we must cancel due to weather or other issues.

  • We offer loaner equipment to use if you forgot something or could not bring equipment with you. 

    • For an additional $200, we offer a Full Setup that includes everything you need to image
      • If using the Full Setup, we recommend you bring an SD card to collect data to take it home with you.
    • A power source (battery) is available to use at no cost.
    • For an additional $40 each, we can loan a tent (if you plan to sleep on site), camera, telescope, lens, or mount/tripod.
    • For an additional $20, we can provide you with camp food and warm it up using our portable stove.
    • For loaner equipment, please email us with a list of what you'll need and we will send you a seperate invoice.