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Mike Hammer
Dec 04, 2021
In Technical Questions
Hi Antoine and Dalia! This may be a little difficult to describe, not sure if you'll have an answer, but thought I'd ask here before calling OPT - Angelica wants to be able to sit in the house with her iPad while I'm outside in the cold with the telescope, watching what I'm looking at through the telescope (usually our 8" Orion reflector). What would you recommend as a less-expensive way to do this? I'm looking at a monochrome camera, these usually connect (wires) to one computer. Is there anything that broadcasts via WiFi or other so several computers can watch at once? I an probably figure something out with RemoteDesktop if needed, but thought if anyone else had already solved this I'd love to hear what they did. We're still loving what you do, and all the personality you two bring to it! Thanks!!!

Mike Hammer

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