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Bradley Hutson
Jun 02, 2021
In Member image uploads
I've been in the hobby for a little over 10 years now, off and on. Almost exclusively visual. My main telescope was an Orion xx16g and I had a ASI224MC for basic planetary work and I also had an ASI178MM to use with my Lunt LS80tha for solar work in Ha. My solar images were very good but I only every used my 224mc as basic EAA when I brought a friend out so they could help visualize what there were seeing. I had to move to Asia for 1 year in 2020 and in that time I figured I'd save up to buy gear for astrophotography. I'm talking about diving in head first. Stupid, I know to not start off with cheaper gear but I've been in the hobby for a decade and the degree I'm working on is in astronomy so I knew I'd stick with it. Serendipitously right before I moved back to the US, I saw the Galactic Course had been started and I was one of the first subscribers. As soon as I landed in Arizona (while I was still in a hotel looking for houses) I started the course and started piecing together my rig(s). I took a lot recommendations from the course for gear with only some slight changes and so far the results have been much better than I expected. It really helped loads since I had very little idea about anything astrophotography. Especially the widely diverse opinions on what gear is best and how to go about everything. I've been imaging for for about 2 months now and these are literally my first 5 photos ever.
Brand new after the Galactic Course content media
Bradley Hutson
May 11, 2021
In Equipment Questions
I'm part of the galactic course and it has set me up great. All the gear is now in and I've gotten some decent results so far but there is one thing that has been plaguing me so far. I connect my ASIAir Pro directly to my EQ6-R Pro. Polar alignment goes by fine and I can easily find objects in the western sky. For instance, currently around 9pm, M81 and M82 and M104 no problem. But as soon as I try to find something in the Eastern sky like M101 or arcturus it seems the mount TRIES to find it, but it slews in a way that forces me to stop so my camera does not hit my tripod when if it where to tilt in the RA axis the opposite way would be a MUCH better position for the telescope. Is there a way to tell the ASIAir and EQ6-R to favor that side instead? Also today when I would try to go to M101 (around 9pm again) it would sometimes even just point at the ground. I've used it 5-6 times so far and for the most part is pretty accurate. This is the first time I've had this much trouble with it. Radian Raptor 61 ASI1600MM w/filter wheel EQ6-R pro ASIAir ZWO Guidescope w/ ASI224MC

Bradley Hutson

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