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Dec 20, 2021
In Technical Questions
Hi; I wonder if someone can extend some help; I cannot figure it out what I'm doing wrong. Its the first time I do this... I have as Orion 8" Astrograph with a ASI294MM camera & 60mm F4 finder scope with an SV305 I picked the this scope based on many beautiful images seen here!!! I attempted to just capture the MOON! and I cannot get it to focus??? The best I can do is the image below; I know I should be able to, as the Guide scope with svbony ccd(SV305) should work; The moon (out of focus) will grow in image size when going the wrong way with the focus, and so when I go the correct way and it gets smaller, I expected to see a clear image at one point, but after a while getting smaller (focusing in the correct way) then starts to grow again. I cannot seem to focus it at all; so frustrating I have seen galactic-hunters use the 8" F3.9 orion astrograph with ASI1600MM so I cannot understand why I cannot get the moon in focus; with my ASI192MM. Its way too bright... like I'm looking at the sun... I presume it is with the Ekos settings; I made the gain very low (1%, 10%) and the exposure time 0.1s to 0.01; and its always way to bright??? why??? froze my butt at -10C tonight... Any help would be great! I'm using a raspberry astroberry unit. screenshot of my ekos session
Help with Astrograph 8" F3.9 and ASI with moon. content media


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