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Kevin Railsback
Oct 14, 2020
In Equipment Questions
Currently I shoot images with a Meade 70mm Series 6000 Quad Astrograph on a Nikon D850. Using AsiAir Pro to aquire and capture images has been amazing. Last night I shot the Western Veil Nebula and was just stunned to see it appear on the screen. Anyway, I'd like to work on aquiring better images. I was wondering if I should keep using my 70mm Meade and upgrade to a dedicated ZWI camera or keep using my Nikon D850 for now and upgrade to a larger scope like the Meade 115mm Series 6000? Eventually I'll upgrade both but need to break it down in order to not go so far into debt all at once. :) One of my main frustrations is how much I have to crop the image to get a DSO to appear at a decent size. Would be nice to have a larger image to begin with so I don't have to crop as much. Thanks!

Kevin Railsback

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