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Where to find FREE human translation services?

I don't endorse machine translations, software translators, or online translators because they are not reliable. See my article on this subject.

If you have a low budget and you have a text to translate about 100 and 200 words, you can have a free translation by a professional.

If you are looking for a good professional translation services, I recommend According to websites to help with homework you’ll be satisfied with accurate and high quality translations provided by their most qualified and trained translators. Their language translation services will meet all your requirements for accuracy, timeliness, and quality.


Cucumis: Cucumis is a community of translators. Cucumis is a web-site where you can submit texts to be translated by the community. According to homework help answers service 22 languages are available.

UniLang has a large number of members, all coming from many different countries, and speaking very diverse languages.

The Text Store: Send them up to 100 words of text, ask a tutor for free and they'll return it to you translated free, without further obligation. Hebrew-to-English or English-to-Hebrew. Proofreading is also available: Send them a page of text and they'll return it to you rewritten free, without further obligation. Hebrew or English.

Freelang has a free Translation Help Service enables you to contact a translator and get some help to translate something you don't understand.

Sylang: Sylang allows you to get English to French or French to English translation.

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