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Tristan Stewart
Oct 21, 2020
In Equipment Questions
Hi! I've found you two recently and have watched many of your videos and read much of this site, truly amazing!! Such great images even with the inexpensive scope and T3i! I've read your equipment guide and what you use and will likely do something very similar. Thanks for posting so much information. I was wondering what your thoughts of jumping to the Orion 10" f3.9 astrograph instead of the 8"? I have canon prime lenses 300 f/4L and 400 f/5.6L for birding and with a rented Ioptron Skyguider on my Manfrotto tripod I got excellent shots of M31 and M42 and a nice amount of detail for 1-2 minute single shots, I was thrilled! Your 8" scope produces amazing pics so I would be happy with that, just debating if I should take a bigger jump since I already have 300 & 400 lenses. I plan on getting the newer Atlas II or perhaps something else of that level or more. I have canon 60D, 6D, SL1, and plan on getting a 90D perhaps (I'll be sticking to dSLR since I am already heavy into photography and don't want to invest a fortune yet, might astro-mod one of them since I have a few). Thanks for any advice!

Tristan Stewart

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