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Our Story

Antoine & Dalia Grelin, Galactic Hunter

Antoine and Dalia at Kelso Sand Dunes

Hey there!

We are Antoine and Dalia - the duo behind Galactic Hunter. We're a couple based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we take pictures of space together! It didn't happen overnight, but our love of astronomy unexpectedly transformed our lives.


We were just hobbyists posting about our progress online, and folks resonated with that. The outpour of support and countless messages for advice kept us excited and busy. Eventually, it led to us quitting our traditional jobs to create content full-time, specifically to help people learn astrophotography.


Galactic Hunter started in 2016; since then, we have grown as a brand and received awards and recognition in online and print publications. We love what we do - we have a passion for astrophotography, so it's all the more rewarding.

GH has been deeply woven into our married and professional lives. It is our life. Honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way! Astrophotography has brought a lot of happiness, friends, opportunities, and exploration our way, so we'll continue for as long as we can.


Want more details about our story? Check out the post below to read our entries on astronomy as a couple.


Our Equipment

Editing Software: Pixinsight & Skylum Luminar Neo   |   Power: Jackery with Solar Panels

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Galactic Hunter timeline

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Started a passion for astrophotography with binoculars on a dusty road outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

October - bought our first full astrophotography rig.


Launched Galactic Hunter in February, and posted our first YouTube video in May - Ep #1 - Trailer.

Began creating astrophotography content (blogs, books, videos) regularly outside of our retail jobs and college studies.


Witnessed our first solar eclipse (under cloud cover...)


Published The Astrophotographer's Guidebook.


Invited to CES and saw the first smart telescopes.

Worked diligently toward monetizing our passion for astrophotography for a future without a 9 to 5.


Antoine invited by NASA to attend his first rocket launch for SpaceX at the Kennedy Space Center.


Antoine quit his job to do astrophotography full-time.

Dalia started a career in digital marketing.


Announced the pre-order of our astrophotography course, the Galactic Course.

Road trip around the American Southwest for our 7th wedding anniversary. Best trip ever.

Visited (our hero) Charles Messier's grave in Paris and pitched the Charles Messier Grave Cleanup Project online.



Found a dog in the desert. Took her home. The sweetest girl with stars in her eyes. We named her Stella.

Crowdfunded the Messier Project and funded the grave's cleanup for 25 years. All thanks to the Astro community!

Installed our first remote astrophotography rig at Utah Desert Remote Observatories.

Dalia quit her corporate marketing career to join Antoine and work on Galactic Hunter full-time! 

Created the Galactic Show - to connect with other prominent astrophotographers.

Received our first-ever APOD with a group (Deep Sky Collective) and another APOD by ourselves!

Installed a second remote astrophotography rig at Astronomy Acres in New Mexico.


Stepped back from YouTube to focus on the Deep Space Astrophotography section of the Galactic Course.

Ways to Support


We are extremely grateful for all the motivating comments, likes, and shares we receive on our Galactic Hunter videos, Reels, and Instagram posts... Thank you so much for being such an amazing community!

Each piece of content we create takes a tremendous effort to write, plan, film, and edit. We appreciate each interaction on our videos, when you read our blogs top-to-bottom, and when you buy paid content we've created. Galactic Hunter is our livelihood and any form of support keeps us creating.

Below are several ways to support us. Hover over each one to learn more.

Get First Looks

Become a Galactic Patron! Support us AND get access to fun perks.

$3, $5, $10, $25, $100

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Paypal Donation
Direct Impact

Make a donation and know you're making a direct impact to helping us work on Galactic Hunter.

Couldn't do it without you!


PixInsight Guides
Step-by-Step Tutorials

Get access to step-by-step guides to help you process astrophotos in PixInsight.

Beginner, Nebula, Galaxy, and Comet guides available.

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Galactic Course
Membership for Life!

Become a member (one-time fee) and get lifetime access to a library of resources and lessons to learn or improve your skills in astrophotography.

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Consulting Services
1-on-1 Time With Us

Astrophotography services include:

Online Consulting

Image Processing

On-the-Field Training

Remote Imaging

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Astronomy Books
Digital & Physical

Over the years, we've created astronomy and astrophotography books to accompany you on long nights. They also make great gifts!

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Ready to buy gear? Start your search from one of our links. When you complete a purchase, we receive a small commision at no extra cost to you. Win-Win!

HPS / Agena Astro


Share Our Content
Spread the Night Sky

You don't have to make a purchase to make a difference. You can support us by sharing blogs, web pages, videos, photos, and tagging us.

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