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Antoine & Dalia Grelin, Galactic Hunter

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Antoine & Dalia Grelin

AntoineGrowing up in the country side of France, far away from any big city, seeing thousands of stars floating in the night sky was something normal for me. After moving to the US at age 17, and living in the center of a huge city like Las Vegas, I had no hope of even trying to stargaze again. That was before I realized that even though Vegas is one of most light polluted cities in America, it is surrounded by the desert! I got into Astrophotography after seeing the beautiful starry sky of the desert. Although I have to drive an hour or two every time I want to stargaze or photograph the night sky, it is always worth it.


Dalia - Hardly ever leaving the city, there was never a chance for me to see the stars or distinguish them from the light polluted center of Las Vegas where I grew up. On my bad days I would find solace looking out at the moon through my window and I knew there was more to life than just staying at home indoors. When I met my husband and traveled to France for the first time, I was completely baffled by the amount of stars I saw outside of the plane window over the Atlantic sea, and speechless when we spent the summer watching the meteor shower in his home town. It was then that we found out we both had a common love for the sky above us. I've always loved my desert home and it was no surprise to find out how perfect the environment was for stargazing.

From binoculars to our first telescope, to our first magazine feature and experiencing a rocket launch, to decorating Charles Messier's grave or finding our dog Stella in the desert... read our entire story by clicking the post below!



DSLR Camera: Canon Ra

Cooled Camera: QHY600

Acquisition: ASI AIR  and NINA

Telescope 1: Askar FRA500

Telescope 2: SVX130
Motorized Mount: ZWO AM5

Guiding: ZWO 290MM Mini

Guiding Software: PHD 2

Editing Softwares: Pixinsight & Lightroom

Power: Jackery with Solar Panels

Astrophotography DSLR camera, Galactic Hunter Equipment
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We are absolutely grateful for all the motivating comments, likes and shares we receive on our Galactic Hunter videos. Thank you so much for being such an amazing community! 

Each Galactic Hunter video takes an enormous amount of time to write, plan, film, and edit, especially the main episodes. We are trying our hardest to make more and more helpful videos for beginner and advanced astrophotographers, but it is simply impossible to produce more as it financially does not allow us to work on it full time. On top of that, astrophotography is a very expensive hobby. Because we create videos and tutorials, we don't only need astronomy gear but also video equipment. Lastly, each image requires us to drive one hour out to the desert, spend one hour setting up, finally image, then the same amount of time to come back. We have been doing so hundreds of time, and the cost of gas adds up pretty quick.

If you would like to support us more and help us upgrade our equipment, make more videos and capture even higher quality Deep Sky images, you can do so by becoming a Galactic Hunter patron on Patreon (check out the awesome rewards for each tier!) or you can make a small donation through Paypal. Either way, 100% of the money will be used toward creating better content. 

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