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Astrophotography Services

Expand your knowledge with one-on-one astrophotography consulting.

Get the boost you need to become a better astrophotographer. We can guide you through the challenging parts of astrophotography through in-person private astrophotography workshops or online with video calls.

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Your Images Processed

We offer basic and premium processing. Get back a fully processed image or get the same but with a walk-through video of how the image was processed to help you later. 

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On-the-Field Training

Visit in-person for a private workshop to help you with your astrophotography goal. Meet us at a location an hour away from Las Vegas. Wide-field and DSLR available.



Video Call

Are you just getting started and you have a thousand questions running through your head? Let's get on a call and answer them! Perfect for help on equipment or more.

Get access to astrophotography resources for a lifetime with the Galactic Course.

Image Processing

Astrophotography is one part data collection and one part processing. It's no secret that processing astrophotography data is hard! It also takes a lot of time. The good news is we can do it for you!

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In some cases, folks prefer to spend their evening collecting data on a deep-sky object but are disappointed by the result. This is often because the processing was rushed or the workflow was not good for the object.


In other situations, astrophotographers end up loving their final image after processing their data. However, they may have no idea that there was hidden potential within their images that was not brought out because of missed processing steps.

Processing Services

We offer two types of image processing but the quality of work is the same for both. After making a purchase, please email us to open a line of contact and begin the file transfer process.

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Image Processing - Basic

  • We will process your raw files for any deep-sky object to the best of our abilities

  • Receive the final .JPG,  .TIFF and .XSIF files

  • Receive a written breakdown of the processes used to achieve the result

  • Receive tips for improving in the future

  • *There is no difference in the quality of the work between the Basic and Premium

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Image Processing - Premium

  • All Basic features plus:

  • The entire workflow and processing will be recorded on video and sent to you. Live commentary is included so you understand what is being done and our thoughts from beginning to end.

  • Optional: With permission, your image will be featured on our website

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Private Astrophotography Workshops

Get hands-on experience with an in-person astrophotography workshop in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Meet with us in the desert for a two-part workshop: on-the-field training and a processing workshop.

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Location: Las Vegas desert (approximately 45-60 minutes drive from the Las Vegas Strip)

Time: Sunset until dawn! The workshop lessons will be covered in a few hours, but we can continue shooting for as long as you would like until you get tired.

If you live near Las Vegas, plan to visit soon, or want a unique experience off the beaten path (and love photography), set up a private astrophotography lesson with us! Let's enjoy the dark desert sky together.

We can rent our gear for an additional cost in case you cannot travel with your astrophotography setup.
Find more information about in-person training on our private workshop page.

Video Call Consulting

Astrophotography is full of seemingly endless questions with hardly any answers. Whether you are just starting out or have a burning question you need answered - a consulting call is a perfect opportunity.

We have several options for video consulting that start at $50 for 30 minutes and go on from there. Click on "view details" in the box above for more information.


The time you invest to chat with us privately is yours and we can talk about anything! Let's work through issues you keep running into, get suggestions or help with equipment, or even give you tips while we watch you process your own data.


Below is what you can expect from a one-on-one:


  • A private call via Zoom

  • Discuss anything you would like (Astro-related or not)

  • We will answer your questions to the best of our abilities

Need astrophotography help? Schedule time with us below.

Consulting Testimonials

“Once I started trying to process deep space images in PixInsight I wanted to get some one-on-one help. I have scheduled a consultation twice. Antoine is fun to work with and has showed me a process, a set of steps I can follow as a beginner, plus thrown in a few tricks as well. I recommend a one-on-one, you won’t be disappointed!”

Greg F. | Video Consulting

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