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Here you will find all our astrophotos of nebulae! We are absolutely in love with how bright and colorful many of the nebulae are, and have imaged several from the Messier Catalog as well as the NGC and IC catalogs. The Messier catalog contains 12 nebulae in total.

We always aim to spend a minimum of 3 hours on each nebula we image, although it can sometimes be difficult as we image far from home might not have enough time for a particular target. The longest we've ever spent on a nebula (or on any target actually) is for the huge Barnard's Loop.

Click on an image to learn more about the object and see what gear we used as well as all the acquisition details. We hope this will help you if you are planning on capturing a specific nebula soon!

How Many Types of Nebulae are there?

There are five types of nebulae known. Almost all of the nebulae captured by amateur astrophotographers are found in our own Milky Way galaxy. With great equipment and skills, you can also capture some of these objects from the nearby galaxies such as the Magellanic clouds or M33

Nebulae Astrophotography