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NEBULA Astrophotography

Nebulae are our favorite types of objects. We have imaged several from the NGC and IC catalogs, as well as the Messier Catalog, which contains a total of 12 nebulae.

We recommend spending a minimum of 4 hours on nebulae. Find the darkest skies possible, however, if shooting emission nebulae with a narrowband filter, you can take photos from your backyard.

Below are articles about how we captured a photo. Click on an image to learn more about the object, the gear we used, and the acquisition details.

How Many Types of Nebulae are there?

There are five types of nebulae: Emission, Reflection, Dark (Absorption), Planetary, and Supernova Remnants.


Almost all of the nebulae captured by amateur astrophotographers are found in the Milky Way galaxy. With great equipment and skills, you can also capture these objects.

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Nebulae Astrophotography Resources

Discover how we photographed the nebulae below by clicking on a post. We explain what our integration time is, the gear we used, and the acquisition details. If you have questions about how to capture nebulae, fill out our contact form.

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