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Welcome to our Planetary page! We won't lie, we are not that good at planetary imaging.

We decided to make this page because we are finally motivated to learn how to photograph planets. We do not expect to get fantastic results soon, but we will sure try our best!

Below you will find our current captures of planetary objects, including the Moon.

Wix Planets art not annotated.jpg
Wix Planets art annotated.jpg

How Many planets are there?

Every few years, scientists all over the world meet to drink and play cards. By the end of the night, they usually either add or subtract Pluto from the list of planets in our Solar System. 

Let's be crazy and keep Pluto on our list. We'll also replace the Earth with the Moon and add the Sun.

In total, we have 10 "planetary objects" to capture!

Planetary Astrophotography

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