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We have several options for video consulting that start at $50 for 30 minutes and go on from there. Click on "view details" in the box above for more information.


The time you invest to chat with us privately is yours and we can talk about anything!


Let's work through issues you keep running into, get suggestions or help with equipment, or even give you tips while we watch you process your own data. 


Below is what you can expect from a one-on-one:

  • A private call via Zoom

  • Discuss anything you would like (Astro-related or not)

  • We will answer your questions to the best of our abilities

Video Consulting

    • A 30-minute session is useful for quick questions. For example: how to get started in Astro, equipment inquiries or recommendations, or quick processing tips questions.
    • A 1-hour session is ideal if you want to go more in-depth about a specific topic, or if you would like help processing a simple image and already know your way around PixInsight.
    • A 2-hour session is best if you have several important questions, need in-depth consulting, and especially for processing a difficult image with little knowledge of PixInsight.