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The Galactic Course

Learn all aspects of astrophotography in one place.

Find out more about the Galactic Course by tapping on a topic, or watch the video below.

The Galactic Course is an astrophotography course to help beginners to get started. It is an ever-growing resource created to teach folks every aspect of astrophotography. Learn through written lessons and video tutorials, find out what gear to buy, how to photograph deep-sky objects, and how to process images.

Advanced astrophotographers can refine their skills with our comprehensive processing guides for download and exclusive tips we use to get high-quality images. There's something for everyone!

Get started in astrophotography and become a Galactic Course member today!


Similar resources online that offer astrophotography courses sell only bundled content. This forces aspiring astrophotographers to keep purchasing add-ons to continue learning. They generally don't offer perks either.

The Galactic Course is a lifetime of astrophotography resources for one flat price.

Note: With each addition of a season the course price increases. When you become a member, you are locked into the current price at the time of purchase. This single payment gives you lifetime access to all previous and future content. Below is the price history with the current membership price bolded.

Price History:

  • Season 1 Pre-Order: $279

  • Season 1 Release: $349

  • Season 2 Addition: $469

  • Season 3 Addition: $489

Galactic Course Perks

The greatest feature of this astrophotography course is that we're with you for the long haul, not a transaction.


We consider the Galactic Course a membership not only to content but also to a passionate community of your peers and a direct line to us. It's a lifetime investment!

As an All-in-One Galactic Course member, below are the perks you can expect:

  • Community Server - Access to a private Discord where you can chat with other members and us directly

  • Lifetime Support - Priority astrophotography support for life if you ever need help with anything Astro-related

  • Beginner + Advanced Processing Workflow PDFs - Process your images exactly the way we do it!

  • Future Content Updates - at no additional cost (new chapters and updates)

  • Gear Coupons - A coupon to save money on astronomy equipment

  • Quarterly Chats - Exclusive live streams between members to give each other tips and more

  • Giveaways - Lucky members get free prizes during most of our live streams!

  • Prints & Frames Discounts - Receive a coupon to save money on your own prints and custom frames

  • Affiliate Earnings - Earn $50 whenever you refer the course to a friend! Referred 10 friends? Receive $500! There is no limit to how much you can earn.

INCLUDED in the Galactic Course

Purchasing the All-In-One Galactic Course grants you a lifetime membership to all current and future content. 
All of the astrophotography courses listed below are included. Click here to get member access.


You can also buy an individual lesson pack or bundles called Seasons. Check out the lessons available below.

Thinkiffic DSLR Poster 60kb.jpg

DSLR + Refractor Imaging

Get your first awesome astrophotography image of a cluster using a DSLR camera and a small refractor telescope!

Thinkiffic MW Beginner Poster low.jpg

Beginner Milky Way

Get your first image of the Milky Way! Learn how to take untracked photos of the bright Summer Milky Way band with easy lessons.

Thinkiffic Timelapse Poster low.jpg


This course will help you create wonderful time-lapses.

Thinkiffic OSC Poster_edited.jpg

OSC + Reflector Imaging

Capture a galaxy using a cooled One-Shot-Color astronomy camera and a Newtonian Reflector telescope!