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Announcement: A complete overhaul of Season 1 is in progress! Get updates on Instagram - @galactic.course

The Galactic Course

Learn all aspects of astrophotography in one place.

The Galactic Course is a premium astrophotography course designed to help beginners get started and help long-time enthusiasts improve their skills.


Members of the course join with a one-time fee and get access to all course materials for life! Members also get fun perks, find community with peers, and receive support and guidance from mentors.


Learn all aspects of astrophotography through written lessons and videos with the Galactic Course.

Membership Pricing

Similar astrophotography courses tend to offer lessons as separate purchases. This forces newcomers to keep purchasing add-ons to continue learning. Generally, online astrophotography courses don't offer perks either, making the experience strictly transactional. We don't see it that way. We see it as a long-term investment.

The Galactic Course is a lifetime of astrophotography resources for a one-time payment.

Some lessons are available to purchase separately. However, these individual purchases do not come with perks or grant access to all content. A membership costs more initially, but you only pay once to get access for life.

Premium Membership Fee:​ 

  • Seasons 1-4: $579

  • Access to all content

Next Membership Increase:

  • Season 5 - TBD

Individual Lesson Pricing:

  • $199 - S1 Deep Space Beginner DSLR Pack

  • $199 - S2 Milky Way Bundle (Beg. & Adv.)

  • $79 - Star Trails Photography Pack

  • $79 - Time-Lapse Video Pack

  • $149 - S3 Star Trails & Time- Lapses Bundle

  • $149 - Season 4 - Remote Imaging

Note: Each time a new installment is added to the Galactic Course, the price for membership increases.

See the FAQ section for clarification regarding price changes.


"One of a kind! ...I had always wished there was an all-in-one class or course to help lay it all out in the same way I have learned my other photography skills. It is very informative and well put together, covering everything a beginner would need to know. Highly recommend."

Lachland - Sydney, Australia

Lessons in the Galactic Course

All materials below are included with a membership - unless otherwise noted. Course lesson packs, bundles, digital books, and guides can be purchased individually without perks or full access.

Purchasing a Premium Membership grants you access to all current and future content in the Galactic Course. Discover what you can learn from the course. Hover over any lesson below to learn more about it.

Season 1:
Deep Space Imaging

Learn deep space astrophotography. Take images of nebulae, galaxies, and learn to process. 

(Coming soon!)

Learn More

S1 - Deep Space.png

Season 1 - Pack:
Beginner DSLR

$99 - Learn the basics of astrophotography and how to take a photo of a star cluster with a DSLR camera and a small refractor telescope!

Buy Now


Season 2:
Milky Way Photography

$199 - Learn how to do Milky Way photography. This course lesson includes both the beginner and advanced sections.

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Season 3 - Pack:
Star Trails Photography

$79 - Learn how to take star trails photography and how to process images. Perfect any time of year on cloudless nights.

Buy Now

S3 - Star Trails Only.png

Season 3 - Pack:
Time-Lapse Videos

$79 - Discover the beauty of time-lapse photography with the night sky as your subject. Get access and create one tonight!

Buy Now

S3 - Time-Lapses.png

Season 3 - Bundle:
Star Trails & Time-Lapses

$149 - All S3 lessons. Bundled content includes lessons for star trails photography and time-lapse videos.

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S3 - Bundle.png

Season 4:
Remote Imaging

$149 - Find all you need to know about remote imaging. Covers personal setup, rented setups, and how to download and process data from NASA.

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Digital Book:
Astrophotography Issues

$24 - A guide covering issues encountered in this hobby. Avoid mistakes and learn how to fix them.

*Not included in the
Galactic Course.

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Astrophotography Issues.png

PixInsight Guide:
Beginner Processing

$28 - A full beginner PixInsight guide for beginners. Includes our workflow, videos, raw data, and more.

Buy Now

Beginner Processing.png

PixInsight Guide:
Nebula Processing

$32 - A guide to help you process nebulae in PixInsight. Includes our workflow to navigate the software with ease.

Buy Now

Nebula Processing.png

PixInsight Guide:
Galaxy Processing

$32 - Learn how to process galaxies in PixInsight. Workflows included.

*Not included in the

Galactic Course.

Buy Now

Galaxy Processing.png

PixInsight Guide:
Comet Processing

$8 - Easily process comet images - full guide, videos, and more.

*Not included in the
Galactic Course.

Buy Now

Comet Processing.png

Become a Galactic Course member to get lifetime access to astrophotography content.

Galactic Course Perks

The greatest feature of this astrophotography course is that we're with you for the long haul, not a transaction.


We consider the Galactic Course a membership not only to content but also to a passionate community of your peers and a direct line to us. It's an investment for astrophotography!

As an All-in-One Galactic Course member, below are the perks you can expect:

  • Community Server - Access to a private Discord where you can chat with other members and us directly

  • Lifetime Support - Priority astrophotography support for life if you ever need help with anything Astro-related

  • Beginner + Nebula Processing Guides - Use our workflow and process your images as we do in PixInsight!

  • Future Content Updates - at no additional cost (new courses, updates, downloadables)

  • Quarterly Chats - Exclusive live streams between members to give each other tips and more

  • Prints & Frames Discounts - Receive a coupon to save money on your own prints and custom frames

  • Affiliate Earnings - Earn $50 whenever you refer the course to a friend! Referred 10 friends? Receive $500! There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Get free monthly astrophotography tips by joining the email list for the Galactic Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What's the difference between this beginner astrophotography course and others?

A - Other astrophotography courses sell content piece by piece forcing passionate folks to buy installments, and the Galactic Course doesn't. You have access to ALL content for one price. We also update and add new content, and members never have to pay more for it because it is included with a membership. We also offer perks, which is uncommon with competitor astrophotography courses. A purchase won't be the only interaction between us. Best of all, the Galactic Course has no annoying music, idle chat, or awkward pauses to keep members from learning quickly and effectively.

TL;DR - An All-in-One Membership provides:

  • All astrophotography lessons for one price

  • Updates and access to future content for FREE

  • Perks - competitors generally don't have them

  • No idle moments in lessons - learn quickly

  • Mentors who care about your progress

Q - Why does the price increase each time you add new material?

A - Each time a new season (a lesson centered around a segment of astrophotography) is added to the Galactic Course, the price for membership increases. This reflects the growth of course material available to users upon signup, and it supports us as we put significant physical and creative effort into creating new lessons for our members' resource library. 

To get the lowest price possible: become a member as soon as you can. This is the only method to get access for the lowest possible price, which is the current price of membership. When the next update is available to the public the price will increase. 

Q - Do I have to buy the All-in-One Galactic Course if I only want to learn a specific lesson?

A - The biggest benefit of becoming a Galactic Course member is access to the step-by-step lessons curated to teach you all about astrophotography - ALL current and future material.

You do not have to buy the All-in-One membership to learn something specific, such as Milky Way photography (Season 2) - we have individual course packs available that you can buy separately at any time!


Note: Purchasing individual course packs does not give you full access to all course materials and they do not come with perks. We strongly encourage becoming a member over purchasing lessons individually.

Q - Will I have access to the course for an unlimited time? Like, always?

A - Yes! As soon as you become an All-in-One member, you have full access to the course and all the other perks for life! We won't ever ask you to pay anything after the initial one-time payment. That's why it's one flat price!

Q - How does "support for life" work?

A - We receive a lot of emails and messages on social media each day from people seeking help with astrophotography. We do our best to reply to everyone, but it is not always possible.


Members of the Galactic Course get access to a private community Discord server. There, members can chat with a group of passionate peers for answers, or they directly contact us through the app! We prioritize these requests (along with contact from Patreon members) over non-member messages. Reach out, and we'll respond as soon as we can!

Q - Do I need a telescope to use the course?

A - Not necessarily. Some seasons, like Season 1 of the course focus on deep-sky astrophotography with a telescope, so a telescope is needed if one wanted to follow along.


Rushing into making a purchase is not what we intend to teach. In this case, consider learning how to use the telescope, nurture these newfound skills, and learn the "why" behind it before you actually start imaging. In this way, the course is still helpful even to those who do not own a telescope yet! Future content may not necessarily use telescopes, so getting the course before you own any gear pays off and saves you the headache of paying for things you might not ever use! Plus, getting in at the current price is the best way to go!

Still have questions? Click HERE to send us an email!

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