Below you will find all the Astrophotography tutorials we have written to help amateur astrophotographers progress faster in this hobby. This page will be updated continuously as we create more and more educational content. Whether you own a DSLR or a CCD camera, you should find something helpful below to push your night time photography skills forward. Most of these tutorials also have a video attached, which sometimes offers a little bit more details, so make sure to check them out!

These informational posts will teach you how to get better at Astrophotography in a wide range of topics. You will learn what are the best deep sky objects to image for each month of the year, how to properly set up your telescope, mount and accessories, how to photograph the moon, what settings to pick for imaging with both a DSLR camera and a CCD camera, and much more.

Several of these tutorials also discuss the choice of equipment to use for different occasions, or help you get familiar with your new Astrophotography camera.

We also give you image processing tips using PixInsight and Lightroom, and show you how we process our own raw files in depth.

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top 15 astrophotography targets for all seasons

Do you have no idea what to image tonight?

You are motivated, eager to go out there and photograph the night sky but find yourself completely lost as to where to aim your telescope? We are here to help! We have compiled what we believe are the 60 best deep sky astrophotography targets to photograph for every month of the year.


Click on the current season below and simply pick one of the 15 deep sky objects listed to image tonight! Each of these astronomical objects are fairly large, bright, and easy to capture for beginner to advanced amateur astrophotographers. 

If you would like to own a physical copy of this list, take a look at The Astrophotographer's Guidebook!

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How to Mount, Balance and Polar Align a telescope
Wix PixInsight Thumbnail General for web
How to escape light pollution DSLR Astrophotography

How much of an importance does light pollution have on your images?

Is it worth it to drive miles away to escape it?​

Read our opinion on the subject and see us compare a raw shot of the Orion and the Helix Nebula taken from two different Bortle zones.

How to


light pollution


Learn how to mount all your equipment, balance the telescope and the mount, and polar align using the North Star: Polaris.

This tutorial is done the "good old way" and was written without the use of any polar alignment accessory or automation.

How to Mount, Balance and Polar Align a telescope

How to

Mount, Balance

& Polar Align

How to photograph the Moon DSLR Astrophotography

The Moon is a burden to Astrophotographers, but nothing can be done about it. Let's find a way to make the best out of it!

Learn how to photograph the moon in several creative ways.

Post is updated over time.





Read about our 5 Astrophotography Tips that will help you not reproduce our mistakes during your astro-imaging sessions!

Top 3 MW Lenses Thumb US.jpg
How to Collimate in 90 seconds thumb US.

Do you own a Newtonian telescope but aren't sure how to collimate your mirrors before imaging?


Learn how to easily collimate your telescope in just 90 seconds!

Watch the video to see the entire process from our point of view.

How to


Your Telescope

How to in 90 seconds Focus.jpg
DSLR Astrophotography Settings

How do you know what settings to use when doing astrophotography with a DSLR?

In this tutorial, we go through our Canon camera menu and show you all the settings we use for all types of Astrophotography targets.




How to put together a time-lapse using Lightroom and Final Cut Pro
5 things we wish we knew thumb.jpg

Planning to switch from your trusty DSLR camera to a Cooled Astrophotography CMOS or CCD camera? We learned the hard way so you don't have to!

Here are our 5 tips to make your life easier.

Switching from A DSLR TO A


DSLR Beginner Guide Thumb.jpg


We are writing several useful tutorials, please visit this page again soon to see more!

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