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A Guide to Solar Observation with Vespera

Updated: Feb 26

Vespera is a smart telescope built to photograph and observe the night sky, but it can also be used to observe the Sun when fitted with its custom solar filter. The folks over at Vaonis have made photographing the night sky simple for amateur astronomers, and now, they have done the same for viewing the Sun. Below we will explain how to set up Vespera for solar observation so you can observe safely from anywhere in the world. Read on to learn what you should know.

Vespera set down for solar observation

Steps for Solar Observation with Vespera

  1. Put on the solar filter

  2. Place Vespera outside and align

  3. Turn on and activate solar mode

  4. Initialize and observe

  5. Photograph the Sun!


About Smart Telescope - Vespera

Created by Vaonis, Vespera is a small, lightweight instrument that is part telescope and part camera. Vespera is the affordable successor of Vaonis' first smart telescope, Stellina.

Vaonis Vespera smart telescope for solar observation
Vespera with solar filter

The most practical part of their line of smart telescopes is that it requires little to no knowledge to operate them!

Set Vespera on the ground and ensure it's level, and it does the rest. No matter your location in the world, it will open its arm, plate-solve, then focus, and start photographing the night sky.

It can also automatically stack and process for you or you can choose to manually process the data yourself! Read more in our post about How to Transfer and Stack Raw Data from Vespera.

We have reviewed both Vespera and Stellina, so make sure to check those out!


Accessories Needed for Solar Observation

The most important factor of solar observation is eye safety. In this case, you won't be looking through an eyepiece, but the sun will go