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Vespera: How to Transfer and Stack Raw Data

Vespera is able to automatically process the images it captures, thanks to the built-in computer in the smart telescope. Although the photographs processed by Vespera look good for most deep sky targets, you will often be able to achieve a much better result if you process the data yourself! In this post, we'll teach you how to easily transfer that raw data to your computer so that you can manually process it yourself.

Vespera how to transfer files to computer

There are two ways to transfer your data:

  1. Exporting the Master TIFF (what we recommend)

  2. Exporting all raw frames

We will cover both below!


About Vespera

Vespera is a small and light smart telescope made by Vaonis. Vespera is the more affordable version of Vaonis' first smart telescope, Stellina.

Vaonis Vespera smart telescope under Milky Way
Vespera - Image by Vaonis

Vespera is a fantastic innovation as it allows anyone to do astrophotography with basically no knowledge or skills needed.

Once you set up Vespera on the ground and level it, it will automatically slew to the night sky, plate-solve, focus, and start imaging the object of your choice. As we said earlier, it will also process the data by itself and show the result on your phone or tablet.

We have reviewed both Vespera and Stellina, so make sure to check these out!


Pre-Requisite: Activate TIFF files in the Vespera Settings

Vespera how to save raw images as TIFF and FITS

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