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Star Cluster Astrophotography

We have imaged many star clusters on our hunt to capture all Messier objects. The Messier catalog contains 56 Star Clusters, 29 globular clusters, and 27 open clusters.

For star clusters, we recommend spending an hour of total exposure time. Even with a low total exposure time they look great, however, some are complex and require more time. The Pleiades Cluster (M45) is a great example because it contains nebulous gas illuminated by the stars.

Further below you will find posts on star clusters we have imaged. Read more about the target, the gear we used, as well as all the acquisition details. 

How Many Types of Star Clusters are there?

There are four types of star clusters known but only two types are found in the Milky Way galaxy. These are Globular Clusters and Open Clusters. The other two are found far out of our galaxy: Intermediate and Faint Fuzzies.

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Star Cluster Astrophotography Resources

Check out all the star cluster photographs we've taken in the posts below. We outline what gear we used, the time spent on each targets, and the acquisition details.

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