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Star Clusters

Below you will find all our photos of star clusters. We imaged many clusters on our hunt to capture all Messier objects. The Messier catalog contains 56 Star Clusters, 29 globular clusters and 27 open clusters.

Many of the images below we taken in just about one hour, as we often selected a random cluster to end the night as a secondary target before packing up. Although most of these look beautiful even with such a low total exposure time, some others are more complex and required more time in order to look beautiful. That is the case of the famous Pleiades Cluster (M45) which contains nebulous gas illuminated by the stars.

Click on a photograph to read more about the target and know all the gear we used as well as all the acquisition details. We hope this will help you plan your own hunt! 

Remember, many star clusters may seem boring, but they are part of our beautiful sky and should not be ignored, so go out there and give them some love!

How Many Types of Star Clusters are there?

There are four types of star clusters known, but the last two types are not found in our Milky Way galaxy and so for Astrophotography purposes, you should only remember the first two! 

Star Cluster Astrophotography