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The Hyades Mosaic - The Closest Open Cluster to Earth | Astrophotography

The Hyades is a very large and bright open cluster in the constellation Taurus. It is the nearest open cluster to us at a distance of just 153 light-years. The Hyades are very close to another popular open cluster, the Pleiades. In this post, you will find information, images, and tips to photograph this beautiful star cluster.

Object Designation: Caldwell 41, Collinder 50, Melotte 25

Also known as: The Hyades

Constellation: Taurus

Object Type: Open Cluster

Distance: 153 light-years away

Magnitude: 0.5

Discovery: Known since prehistoric times. First catalogued by Giovanni Battista Hodierna in 1654

The Hyades are an easy target for beginner astrophotographers, although you will learn in this post that with a bit of patience and processing skills, you will be able to reveal so much more than just stars.

The Hyades rise high in the northern sky starting in October and stay high until February. This means the best time to photograph the Hyades is in the Winter season.


The Hyades Astrophotography Mosaic

November 2023

After making a 2x2 mosaic of