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Astrophotography Books

Books are a great way of learning about the night sky. One of the best ways to learn is by reading physical material, which improves your focus and memory on the subject. We have created several books for astrophotographers, including some that you can even write in!


Some Galactic Hunter astrophotography books have digital copies which are cheaper and can be downloaded immediately.

Consider purchasing for yourself or gifting a book to an aspiring astrophotographer you care about.

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Summaries of Astrophotography Books

Check out a summary of each book. Tap on a title to be shown more info:

The Messier Catalog Workbook

M13 page.jpg

A complete guide to help you observe and photograph every Messier object in the Messier catalog. Inside you will learn how to capture all 110 Messier objects, complete challenges, and sketch your findings, and included is a guide for the optimal path for a Messier Marathon!


Find out how to interpret the workbook and the price in our Messier Workbook blog.

The Astrophotographer's Guidebook

Book Authority - Winner of Best Astrophotography Books of All Time

A comprehensive look at deep-sky objects categorized by the seasons. This handy book is a great companion for astrophotographers who need a target for the evening without looking too far. Inside are graphs, how to find the object, fun facts, and statistics.

Check out the guidebook and consider buying a copy to never run out of target ideas no matter the season! Get more info by reading our blog post about The Astrophotographer's Guidebook.

AP Guidebook Examples pages 79kb.jpg
The Astrophotographer's Guidebook front cover US low.jpg

The Astrophotographer's Journal

Cover inside shot color JPG.jpg
Cover inside shot color PAGE 2 JPG.jpg

Early astronomers used to journal about their findings to keep a catalog of their discoveries. Use this portable notebook to record your observations, catalog your photographs, and write down the wonderful memories you experience as you journey into astrophotography.

See a physical copy in action in this video we created for our YouTube, or learn more by reading our post about The Astrophotographer's Journal.

The Stargazer's Journal

There is something romantic about looking at the sky and finding something new. Chart your journey across the cosmos with this small notebook that contains more than 200 pages dedicated to logging your stargazing sessions, as well as a useful chart on the last pages to index each object.

Watch the stars align and record your favorite sightings. If you fill up your book make a collection of volumes as seen on the front cover.

How to use this journal JPG color.jpg
Stargazer's Journal Cover Front 68kb.jpg


The Contellations Handbook open book, lean the 88 constellations and their story, and remember them all
Constellation's Handbook US.jpg

The best way to understand the night sky is to have a good grasp of the constellations. It might be hard to remember all 88 of them, but reading the exciting stories behind them will help! Find all constellations, scientific graphic, pictures of their namesakes, and their locations.

Enjoy a night under the stars with loved ones telling stories about old myths. It's also great for explaining the constellations to children. Read more about this astronomy book in our post about The Constellations Handbook.

Stargazing IN Las Vegas

Planning a trip to one of the brightest cities on Earth? Escape the casinos, the hotels and all the light pollution and discover 15 places to stargaze around Las Vegas.

Maps and directions are attached, as well as information about the quality of the cell-phone coverage, the safety in the area, and the distance to the closest gas station, restaurant and hospital.

With a wide selection of sites, facts and visual aids, Stargazing in Las Vegas takes the reader to places where starlight rules over Strip lights.

Stargazing Around Las Vegas open book, 15 best places to see the stars near the brightest city on Earth
Stargazing around Las Vegas cover no middle JPG low.jpg

Astrophotography Book Blogs

Find more information about what you'll find inside astrophotography books in our full-length blogs.

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