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The Astrophotographer's Guidebook is a complete guide to the best DSLR Astrophotography targets of the year. Discover 60 Deep Sky Objects that will considerably improve your imaging and processing skills.

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The Astrophotographer's Guidebook open to a page about Messier 101 the Pinwheel galaxy with tips to photograph it and how to locate it in the night sky


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The Astrophotographer's Journal open to a page about the Horsehead and Flame nebulae IC434 astrophotography

The Astrophotographer’s Journal is a portable notebook created for the purpose of recording observations, cataloguing photographs, and writing down the wonderful memories created by the hobby of Astrophotography.

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The Stargazer’s Journal is a portable notebook made for the purpose of recording observations, sketching your findings, and writing down wonderful memories created by this hobby.

This book contains more than 200 pages dedicated to logging your stargazing sessions, as well as a useful chart on the last pages to index each object.

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The Stargazer's Journal open to a page about the Pinwheel Galaxy M101 sketch and memories of the night


The Contellations Handbook open book, lean the 88 constellations and their story, and remember them all

The Constellations Handbook is not just another guide listing all the constellations from A to Z and their location, it is the perfect companion for stargazing, and a learning journey through the ages.

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Stargazing IN Las Vegas

Planning a trip to one of the brightest cities on Earth? Escape the casinos, the hotels and all the light pollution and discover 15 places to stargaze around Las Vegas.

Maps and directions are attached, as well as information about the quality of the cell-phone coverage, the safety in the area, and the distance to the closest gas station, restaurant and hospital.

With a wide selection of sites, facts and visual aids, Stargazing in Las Vegas takes the reader to places where starlight rules over Strip lights.

Stargazing Around Las Vegas open book, 15 best places to see the stars near the brightest city on Earth


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