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Download a high-definition PDF file of the Constellations Handbook to be viewed digitally.



Learning the constellations is difficult. Remembering them is even harder.


Have you ever wanted to look up to the night sky, name any pattern of stars and be able to tell their stories? This book groups the constellations in a logical order, so that the reader can easily learn them by their origin, and see how their stories interact with one another as a group.


The last pages of this book include an index of all 88 constellations, each with a slot where you can write your own personal tips and tricks in order to memorize them with ease.


The Constellations Handbook is not just another guide listing all the constellations from A to Z and their location, it is the perfect companion for stargazing, and a learning journey through the ages.


If you'd rather get the physical book, you can order it on Amazon.

The Constellations Handbook - Digital Edition