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Solar Eclipse Photography

A solar eclipse is a rare celestial phenomenon involving the Sun and the Moon. During an eclipse, part of the Sun is blocked causing partial or total darkness depending on your location!


Get prepared for the next solar eclipse by learning different types of eclipses, what you need to know to observe one, and find out where to purchase solar eclipse glasses.

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Types of Solar Eclipses

There are four types of solar eclipses: total eclipse, annular eclipse, partial eclipse, and hybrid eclipse.

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Solar Eclipse Photography Gear

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The Perfect Solar Eclipse Setup:

  • For Viewing: Eclipse GLASSES and/or a TELESCOPE with a SOLAR FILTER

  • For Photography: A DSLR/mirrorless camera with a telephoto LENS or TELESCOPE and a SOLAR FILTER

  • Useful accessories like a sturdy TRIPOD and INTERVALOMETER


Solar Eclipse Tips

View Safely

The most important factor in solar eclipse viewing is proper eye protection. Do not look directly at the Sun without glasses or gear specified for observing the Sun.

Find the Best Location

Make your way to the path of the eclipse to get the best view. Once there, search for a safe spot where you can settle in to watch the eclipse from start to finish.

Use the Right Gear

Not sure what gear to use for solar eclipse photography?

Take a look at our resources at the bottom of this page for posts outlining what you need in detail and why.

Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses

You can buy solar equipment to view the eclipse, but this can be costly and difficult to use. The most affordable option for observing a solar eclipse is solar eclipse glasses.


These glasses meet ISO 12312 2 requirements, which protect your eyes from harmful UV and IR light rays and block nearly all visible sunlight.


Consider ordering a single pair, packs, or kits.

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Purchase solar eclipse glasses today! Check out High Point Scientific for options.

Solar Eclipse Resources

Learn about each type of solar eclipse, and find more information about how to observe and photograph them below.

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