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Vaonis Vespera

Our favorite smart telescope.

Make your way across the night sky anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use observation station. Part telescope, part camera - Vespera is an astrophotography tool you can use with your phone to capture celestial objects.

Learn more about this smart and fully automated observation station and where to purchase it below.

Vespera Equipment & Astronomy

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What is Included:

  • Vespera observation station - the main piece of equipment

  • Short tripod - small, sturdy, metal tripod with hard plastic tips

  • USB wall charger - U.S. outlet and Type-C outlets available

  • USB magnetic cable - special USB-C cable for charging Vespera

  • Free mobile app - required to use Vespera, the Singularity app

  • Aperture: 50mm / Lens: APO Quadruplet

  • Focal Lenth: 200mm / Focal Ratio: F/4

  • Size: 15 x 8 x 3.5 in (40 x 20 x 9 cm)

  • Mount: Alt-azimuth / 8 Hours of battery life

  • Image Processing: Auto or Manual

Visual & Astrophotography Add-Ons

Also known as a CLS (City Light Suppression) filter, you can attach this clip on light pollution filter to improve the quality of your photos within cities or urban areas.

Observe the sky at night AND by day! Vespera has a clip on solar filter to view the Sun and sunspots. Activate Solar Mode on the Singuarlity app to see solar activity.

A dual narrowband filter that enhances photo quality from light polluted areas. Filters wavelengths of Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) and Oxygen III (O-III).

Additional accessories: travel backpack, a hygrometer, a tall tripod, and more.

Premium Astrophotography Course

Smart telescopes are a great way to engage your love of astronomy. Vespera's image processing can be automatic or manual. That means Vespera can stack photos you take and process them for you, but you can also download the raw data and process the photos yourself! 


Learn how to process raw data and take a deep dive into astrophotography with the Galactic Course.


Get more details about the course to the right.

Observe the cosmos and take photos of space with Vespera. Purchase this smart telescope today.

Vaonis Smart Telescope Tutorials

Written tutorials about Vaonis products and how-to guides for using the fully-automated observation station.

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