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Stellina - First Impressions After CES 2018

Updated: May 20, 2023

Update: Read our FUL REVIEW of Stellina HERE. The product is now available HERE.

Welcome to our first article about Vaonis' Astrophotography telescope Stellina. We are writing our first impressions and opinion of the product we viewed at CES 2018 so this is not a full review for Stellina. We hope to get our hands on this beautiful and compact telescope when it comes out and do a complete test of the instrument in our usual Nevada desert!

You can visit Vaonis' website HERE


At First Glance

Walking up to the booth, we initially felt that this was just a superb and sleek-looking piece of tech, and upon closer inspection, it did not disappoint! Circling the product, we immediately noticed its minimalistic and modern design with a futuristic feel.

Its color is a classic black and white combo. There is only one button on the side of the scope that functions as its on and off switch which shines blue when powered on. The telescope lens is found in the center compartment and dislodges to point outwards changing from its smooth shape into a classic telescope/mount formation, and is supported by a small tripod that swivels the scope around from its mount.

The power supply comes from a classic power station which is very small and fits inside the telescope itself! For us, this was an incredible kind of telescope but the one thing that surprised us the most was its portability because it can be transported in a backpack. Cyril Dupuy, the founder & CEO of Vaonis said the team carried Stellina on board as a carry-on during their flight!


Controlling Stellina

After all the details given on this magnificent machine, you may wonder where the controls may be but you do not need to look far because the control for this beautiful telescope comes from an app on your phone! Stellina is equipped to be easily accessible from your phone and through a dedicated app works as the control system to rotate and adjust to targets.

The design and portability led us to believe that Stellina would be ideal to take with us to dark zones, including our usual imaging spot in the Nevada desert even on the back of a motorcycle without a problem… But what about the phone’s ability to control Stellina in a no-service area? Our usual spot has no service, so we wondered if it would be an issue and to our astonishment, Stellina carries its own personal hot spot for adaptability with your phone! Basically, no service, no problem!

For newcomers, this will be an easy transition to astronomy and astro-imaging as Stellina does it