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Reserve time and image remotely from one of our two remote setups.  Get the opportunity to collect data from a Bortle 1/2 class sky that is more affordable than setting up your own rig or renting time with a large company.


Additionally, unlike other remote imaging options, we'll be with you to guide you as you learn how to navigate remote imaging. We will explain how everything works, help you pick a target, and answer any questions you might have until giving you full commands!


Remote Imaging with us includes:

  • 1 night (chat on Zoom for guidance)
  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Flexibility: Any day
  • Your choice of telescope


Subscribe to get full access to the telescope regularly at a discounted price. After our initial lesson on Night 1, you will be given the credentials to control the setup on a dedicated night each week.

Remote Imaging Private Workshop

Price Options
Weekly Access
Subscribe & Save 15%
$255.00every week until canceled
  • Rescheduling is preferable to cancellations.

    Please know that because we need to block days off on our calendar for this, we can only offer a partial 50% refund if you decide to cancel the workshop.

    A full refund will be issued if we must cancel due to weather or unforeseeable issues.

  • You can choose between the two following setups:


    Choice 1 - Refractor / Monochrome at Utah Desert Remote Observatories:

    • Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130
    • Camera: QHY600M
    • Filters: Chroma LRGBHSO
    • Mount: 10Micron GM 1000HPS


    Choice 2 - RASA 8 / OSC at Astronomy Acres in New Mexico

    • Telescope: RASA 8
    • Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC
    • Filters: None
    • Mount: 10Micron GM 2000HPS