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2023 Annular Solar Eclipse - Observation & Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses

An annular solar eclipse is an event that involves the Sun and the Moon. On Earth, we see the effect as a complete change in the environment because the shadow of the Moon enshrouds the area in the path of movement. It's a can't-miss event and it's coming to North America in October 2023! Order your solar eclipse glasses sooner than later!

You don't want to miss the special look of an annular eclipse because of its beautiful "ring of fire" effect. Learn more about this type of eclipse and find out where you can buy solar eclipse glasses to safely view the 2023 annular solar eclipse!


Annular Solar Eclipse - What Does it Look Like?

The most common eclipse known is a total solar eclipse. It's a surprise to some folks that there are different types of eclipses. Unlike a total eclipse, which completely blocks out the sun from view and visibly shows the corona, the annular solar eclipse creates another special sighting.

example of an annular solar eclipse

The annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is at its farthest from the Earth. When all celestial objects line up, the Moon appears smaller (since it's farther away) and does not cover the whole Sun making more of its light visible. Never look at the Sun without proper eye protection - even during an eclipse.

The Sun's corona is not visible like with a total eclipse, instead, the way it's lined up shows a fiery ring around the dark moon. The image above demonstrates the look of an annular eclipse.

There are four different types of eclipses. Each one involves the Moon and the Sun, however, the positioning changes and that's what makes them unique. We've included the annular eclipse as well, along with a short description of what what the eclipse appears like.

  • Annular - the Moon is far from the Earth, when all objects line up it creates a "ring of fire" effect

  • Total - the Moon is close enough to the Earth when the objects line up that it completely blocks the Sun from Earth's point of view

  • Partial - the Moon is not lined up perfectly to completely block the Sun but does obscure part of the Sun, creating a crescent effect

  • Hybrid - very rare; this occurs when the eclipse changes "total" to "annular" and it is dependent on the location it is viewed (this occurred in April 2023!)

The first thing to know about solar eclipses in general is eye safety. You should never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection and use equipment designed to observe the sun.


Where Can I See the Eclipse?

The best place to see an annular eclipse is in the path of the eclipse - meaning the areas impacted the most by the Moon's shadow. You will get the best view from the path and see something like the photo we shared above. Science and technology have allowed us to now predict the path of solar eclipses making it all more easy to plan for the event.