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The Astrophotography Guide Of Issues

Updated: Apr 19

The Astrophotography Guide of Issues is a complete digital book to help you find ways to fix problems you are likely to encounter when imaging or processing astronomical images. It is many years in the making and will continue to grow over time.

The Astrophotography Guide of Issues

The Astrophotography Guide of Issues Cover

We've been doing Astrophotography for... many years now, and we have encountered.. a LOT... of problems along the way.

You know, the type of issues that... occur for no reason and completely ruin your night, forcing you to drive back home with no data and crying the whole way.

Astrophotography book of issues table of contents

Luckily, we played it smart right from the beginning and decided to write down each issue we encountered over time, with the way we managed to fix it so that we'd never let these specific problems ruin our nights ever again.

Recently, we compiled all of these issues and classified them into six different categories:

  • Star Shapes

  • Noise

  • Artifacts

  • Tracking & Guiding

  • Weather

  • Processing

We laid everything down nicely on a PDF file, using the same format as our processing guide, which is very simple to follow and goes straight to the point. This file will grow over time as we add more and more issues you may encounter while doing astrophotography, and of course, how to fix them!

You can download the PDF file by clicking here. Once you download the file, you will have access to all future updates for free.



As of today, the file contains 52 issues with descriptions, example pictures, and tips. The last pages also include summary cards to quickly find any issue!

Each issue listed is displayed on one full single page, making the guide very easy to go through. Most images and example screenshots were taken by Galactic Hunter, but a few are from our subscribers, and are of course credited :)

If you encounter an issue while doing astrophotography, and would like to help the book grow, please attach an example picture to the comments below, with as much detail as you can! The Astrophotography community will thank you 😎

Astrophotography issues and problems guide
Pages from the "Artifacts" chapter

Here is a rundown on the information you can expect to find for each object:

1 - ISSUE NUMBER A quick way to see which issue you are currently reading about in the current chapter. This makes it easy to find a specific page especially after going through the summary cards.

2 - ISSUE TITLE A title for the current issue. It can either be a quick phrase describing what the issue looks like:

Ex: bright rays of light coming from the side

Or it can be the actual term for the issue:

Ex: Walking noise

Whichever one makes the most sense!

3 - ISSUE DESCRIPTION A quick description of the issue to be sure that this is the problem you are encountering.

5 - REASON A paragraph explaining why this specific issue usually occurs. You can often understand the source of your problem from this paragraph.

6 - WAYS TO FIX THE ISSUE Lastly, one or several bullet points of ideas we recommend to try in order to correct the issue. These are the ways we personally found to fix our problems, and they likely will work for you too!


Summary Tables

Astrophotography guide of issues with cards

At the end of this guide, you will find summary pages of all the issues previously listed. To make it very simple for you to find a specific issue, we created... cards!

Whenever you encounter a problem while imaging, just give these pages a quick look until you spot the card you are looking for! Each card shows the name, description, and a screenshot of the problem, with ideas on how to fix it.


Final Thoughts

The Astrophotography Guide of Issues Cover

We are glad that we kept track of all the issues we encountered over the years while doing astrophotography! We are happy to finally have compiled everything to be able to share them with you all!

Be sure to comment on this page if you'd like to add a specific problem to the guide. If possible, please include as much information as possible as well as a screenshot!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Get your guide HERE. Remember to check the page once in a while over the years in case an updated version is available :)

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date with our work!

Clear Skies,

Galactic Hunter


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