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The Constellations Handbook - A Logical Guide to Learn All 88 Constellations

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Constellations Handbook is a logical guide to learning the 88 constellations.

Learning the constellations is difficult. Remembering them is even harder. Have you ever wanted to look up to the night sky, name any pattern of stars and be able to tell their stories?


The Constellations Handbook Synopsis

This book groups the constellations in a logical order so that the reader can easily learn them by their origin, and see how their stories interact with one another as a group.

The last pages of this book include an index of all 88 constellations, each with a slot where you can write your own personal tips and tricks in order to memorize them with ease.

The Constellations Handbook is not just another guide listing all the constellations from A to Z and their location, it is the perfect companion for stargazing and a learning journey through the ages.

Purchase a Physical Copy or a Digital Copy.


Book Information

  • Published on: Amazon

  • Physical Copy Price: $12.99

  • Total Number of Pages: 145

  • Also available as a Digital Copy

  • Digital Price: $9.99


Book Format and Content

The 88 constellations are divided into groups, in the order in which they interact with each other either in theme, mythology, or placement in the sky.

There are four main parts in the book, each part being linked to the astronomer who introduced them.

For each constellation, you will learn the stories associated with them, what deep sky objects can be seen in their vicinity, a map to find them in the night sky, if there are any meteor showers happening in them, our tips to remember them easily, and more!


The Constellations Handbook Index Tables

The last pages of this book contain summary tables which will be useful to you for quickly checking what a constellation represents, its page number, and writing your own personal notes to easily remember them with your own words.

It's helpful to write down your own pneumonic devices to recall constellations!


Final Thoughts

It is our hope that this guide will be useful to you to learn and remember as many constellations as possible. We would love to hear what you think of the book so please contact us if you have any comments or questions!

Get your physical copy of The Constellations Handbook HERE and your digital copy HERE!

Clear Skies,

Galactic Hunter

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