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The Astrophotographer's Journal | Astrophotography Book

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Astrophotographer’s Journal is a portable notebook that we created for the purpose of recording observations, cataloging your captures or issues you encounter, and writing down the wonderful memories created by the hobby of astrophotography.

When you have the whole night to stargaze, you might find some interesting constellations or rare events that you don't want to forget! Journaling is one of Dalia's pastime hobbies because it forces a person to slow down and consider their thoughts. Writing things down is also a great way to remember special moments or feelings. Part of astrophotography is having a good sense of the night sky, and the best way to recall that information is to look up and take notes.

Dalia writing down the memories of the night during an Episode of Galactic Hunter

the astrophotographer's journal

This book contains more than 200 pages to memorialize your stargazing and imaging sessions, as well as a useful chart on the last pages to index exciting or important notes.

Go back and read your logs to see how much progress you have made through the months, the problems you overcame, and the notes taken to improve in the future.

Just as the pioneers of astronomy did in their time, look up and take notes of your observations as you are the author of this star-filled journey.

Book Information

  • Published on: Amazon

  • Price: $9.99

  • Total Number of Pages: 207 (How to use this journal / 200 observation pages / Notable Nights Tables)

  • Variations: "The Visual Astronomer's Journal" - Focused on sketching observations instead of Astrophotography, available soon after


How the Astrophotographer's Journal Works

left page of astrophotographer's journal


On the top left, you can give your outing or project a title to easily recall it. Write down the date and how long your session lasted on the right on the right.

Below that, you can inscribe your planned target for the night and in which constellation it is located. This will help you memorize target designations and their place in the sky when reading back on your notes.

The best use of the left page is to write down the memories of your night! Make sure to record everything important that happened or little details of how you passed the time during the long imaging session. You are the main character of this story!


right page of astrophotographer's journal


This page is dedicated to what you got out of your night. There is space to attach your best photo obtained during your imaging session.

On the bottom left, add your acquisition details, most importantly the camera settings used to obtain those results, and any processing details you’d like to remember.

To the right, give yourself a few tips for your next outings. This can be in general, or specific to the target for a future visit.

Lastly, rate the target on a 3-star difficulty rating to see how much you struggled to reach your final image or make comparisons with other projects!


notable nights in astrophtographer's journal


The last double page of this journal contains a table that is useful for remembering special events at a glance.

For example, if your equipment malfunctions during an imaging session and you manage to fix it, you can write down the process in your notes, then add it to the table to easily locate the page in your journal! It's a table of contents for the highlights of your evening.

Other examples would be if you met interesting people, fought a snake, saw a very bright meteor… The list goes on!


Astrophotographer's Journal Variations

If you take astrophotography images often, consider getting a second journal once you have almost filled out all 200 pages of the first one! In order for you to easily be able to know which one is your first, second, or third volume, we have added two cover variations for the journal.

You can purchase different covers: the Pleiades cover, the Orion cover, and the Andromeda cover.

variations of the astrophotographer's journal


The Astrophotographer's Journal Video

Learn how to use this book to keep a log of your stargazing adventures in video format.


Final Thoughts

We hope that The Astrophotographer's Journal will help many amateur astrophotographers create memories and improve themselves over time in this wonderful hobby.

Below you will find a quick video of this project, where you can see the inside better and ask us questions :)

Whether it's for you or a gift for an aspiring astronomer, purchase this book HERE!

Clear Skies,

Galactic Hunter


The Astrophotographer's Guidebook

the astrophotographer's guidebook


The Astrophotographer’s Journal is a portable notebook created for the purpose of recording observations, cataloging photographs, and writing down the wonderful memories created by this hobby.

This book contains more than 200 pages to memorialize your stargazing and imaging sessions, as well as a useful chart on the last pages to index exciting or important notes.

You can learn more about this book by reading our post about The Astrophotographer's Journal.

Purchase a Physical Copy.

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Oct 31, 2023

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