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Download a high-definition PDF file of The Messier Catalog Workbook to be viewed digitally.



*PLEASE NOTE*: This book contains sections where you are supposed to write down, sketch or attach images of your own observations. Be aware that this might be more difficult to do digitally.

Are you determined to visit every deep sky object in the Messier catalog? Whether you are a visual astronomer or an amateur astrophotographer, this book will help you complete the entire Messier catalog!


Learn about all 110 Messier objects, when and where in the sky to find them, and get some advice on how to capture them. Complete some challenges along the way and write down what came to your mind when observing or photographing these objects for the first time.


Each target listed in this guide contains a "Sketch box" in which you can write and sketch what you see through the eyepiece, or attach your own printed photograph of the object to complete your OWN Messier catalog!


If you'd rather get the physical book, you can order it on Amazon.

The Messier Catalog Workbook - Digital Edition