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Messier 24 - The Sagittarius Star Cloud | Astrophotography Tips & Pictures

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Messier 24, also known as the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, is a large region of sky that is completely filled with stars. This incredible amount of stars overlays the beautiful nebulous background, which I will reveal today.

Object Designation: M24, IC 4715

Also known as: The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, Delle Caustiche

Constellation: Sagittarius

Object Type: Star Cloud

Distance: 10,000 light-years away

Magnitude: 2.5

Discovery: June 20, 1764 by Charles Messier

Messier 24 is huge, but is not considered a deep-sky object! It is often captured with a DSLR/Mirrorless camera and lens widefield due to its large size, and the fact that it sits within the bright Milky Way band. In order to reveal the gasses behind the stars (if any), I used a fast telescope under dark skies, and imaged this target for 12.5 hours.

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