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Messier 10 - A Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Messier 10 is a globular cluster in the constellation Ophiuchus. It was discovered in 1764 and spans about two-thirds the size of the full moon.

We imaged this target for just one 1 hour while waiting for Cygnus to be higher in the sky as our main target for the night was in that constellation. We usually don't image globular clusters with the small refractor telescope but that was the only one we brought with us to the desert that night so we did not really have a choice!

M10 is best photographed at the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Read our guide on the 15 best Astrophotography targets for Summer if you need some inspiration about what to image next!

One hour on Messier 10 in LRGB

Messier 10 Astrophotography in LRGB


Telescope: Meade 70mm APO

Acquisition: ZWO ASIAIR

Processing: PixInsight


Total Exposure Time: 1 hour

Exposure Time per frame: 30 seconds

Filters: L, R, G, B

GAIN: 75


How to Locate Messier 10

How to locate the cluster M10 in the night sky

Messier 10 can be found in Ophiuchus very close to another cluster, M12. To quickly find it, scan the area north of the Scorpion's tail from the constellation Scorpius. M10 sits near the center of Ophiuchus.

Several other clusters can be seen in the constellation, like M14, M9, and M107.

Check out all the star clusters we've photographed on our star cluster page.


Final Thoughts

Although this was only one hour of exposure and with a small telescope, it turned out pretty nice!

M10 astrophotography cluster

Messier 10 is not that impressive, and it’s not that colorful. So, why do we bother photographing it?

Because we are on a quest to capture all Messier objects!

We only keep the images we are proud of and want our own Messier catalog to be completely filled with wonderful photos.

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Clear Skies,

Antoine & Dalia Grelin

Galactic Hunter


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