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PixInsight - Combine HA Data to an RGB Image Using a Script

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Trying to make an HaRGB image for the first time can be frustrating. We had a little bit of trouble combining our Ha frames with our RGB master in Pixinsight, we had no idea how to do it and we managed to get it done using a built-in script. Here is our own little tutorial on how to combine your Ha data to your RGB from A to Z... in 8 short steps!

Pre-requisites: You must have a Master Light ready for RGB, which will be combined later with the Master Light Ha we are about to make.

Need help processing your images? Get our PixInsight Processing Guides, or use our services to ask us to process your data for you!

There are several ways to combine HA with RGB in PixInsight. This guide covers the NBRGB Combination script, which may or may not work well depending on your data. It worked well for us in this case with a DSLR camera.


Step 1 - Weighted Batch PreProcessing

  • Go to Script - Batch Processing - Weighted Batch Preprocessing.

  • Add your Lights, Darks, Bias, and Flats

  • Uncheck "CFA Images"

  • Check "Calibrate Only"

  • Pick a Reference Image from one of your RGB shots, make sure you remember which one it is as you will re-use it later.


Step 2 - Split CFA

This will separate the channels of your images into subfolders. (CFA0, CFA1, CFA2, CFA3). CFA0 is the red channel.

  • Go to Process - All Processes - SplitCFA

  • Add your Calibrated Files (should end in "_c")

  • Launch the Instance