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XSS J16271-2423, better known as Rho Ophiuchi, lies at a distance of about 400 light-years from Earth. It is a binary star system and the closest stellar nursery to Earth. It surrounds the huge orange star, Antares.


This raw astrophotography dataset was captured from our fast f/2 telescope under Bortle 2 skies. It totals almost 10 hours of exposure time. This master file is from a 2x2 mosaic, so you will get a total of FOUR files to combine. These files are of very high quality and are perfect for practice!

If you need help combining the four panels into one, we made a tutorial video you can watch!


Equipment used:

  • Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC 

  • Telescope: Celestron RASA 8 

  • Mount: 10Micron GM1000 HPS

  • No filters

Rho Ophiuchi Mosaic - Practice Files

  • Color