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The Leo Triplet is a famous trio of galaxies in the constellation Leo. It includes Messier 65, Messier 66m and NGC 3628, also known as the Hamburger Galaxy. The Leo Triplet is located 35 million light years away from Earth.


This dataset was acquired from our refractor telescope at Utah Desert Remote Observatories, under exceptionally dark skies. It amounts to 13.5 hours of integration time.


Equipment used:

  • Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130
  • Camera: 61 MegaPixel QHY600M
  • Mount: 10Micron GM1000HPS
  • Filters: 3nm Chroma


We used 4 filters for this object, so you will receive the master files for:

  1. Luminance
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue


Note: The Red channel shows a glare from a  nearby bright star on one side, but is simple to remove and should not cause major issues.

The Leo Triplet - M65/M66/NGC 3628 - Practice Data

  • Monochrome