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Barnard's Loop - Within the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

Updated: May 18, 2023

Barnard’s Loop is an emission nebula that originated from a supernova about 2 million years ago, and it is the star of Episode 8 of Galactic Hunter!

The key to photographing this target is to spend as much time as possible getting the red colors from the Loop, as those are really difficult to capture without filters or a modified camera.

The photo below is the result of 7.2 hours of total exposure at 50mm f/4 with our unmodified DSLR camera and our 50mm lens.

3.6 hours were spent on capturing RGB data, and we used a 12nm Ha filter for the other 3.6 hours to capture the faint red gases.

Barnard's Loop DSLR Astrophotography with an unmodified Canon 7D Mark II and an Astronomik DSLR Clip-on Ha filter


Processing: Pixinsight


Total Exposure Time: 7.2 hours

RGB Exposure Time: 3.6 hours

Hydrogen Alpha Exposure Time: 3.6 hours

Exposure Time per frame: 6 minutes

73 lights, calibrated with Darks and Bias

ISO: 800


Iconic Objects within the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

Photographing Barnard's Loop pretty much assures you to also capture several of the nebulae within the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex in the frame. Below are the most iconic objects you can see from our image.