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  • Messier 63 - The Sunflower Galaxy in Canes Venatici

    It was the 63rd deep sky object to be added to Charles Messier's catalo, on June 14th, 1779. Charles Messier, who was Méchain's good friend and colleague, added the galaxy to his catalog on the capture Messier 63: L, R, G, and B. Messier 63 FAQ In which constellation is M63 located? Final Thoughts Messier 63 is not very large, but it sure is impressive!

  • Messier 31 - The Andromeda Galaxy | Astrophotography and Tips

    After 6 months of work, we are all very proud to share our Kilo-hour image of Messier 31. I went back to a Bortle 4 zone and used the QHY600C One-Shot-Color camera to image Messier 31. attached our unmodified Canon T3i DSLR camera to our 8" Newtonian reflector telescope and aimed it at Messier If we had to pick one lens to image Messier 31, we would go with the popular Samyang 135mm f/2 which You will also be able to get two extra Messier objects: M32 and M110! Have you captured Messier 31?

  • Messier 48 - Open Cluster in Hydra

    48 Messier 48 lies approximately 1,500 light-years away from Earth. Non-Stop Satellite Train going through M48 Messier 48 is probably the Messier object that is located Messier 48 FAQ Which constellation is Messier 48 located in? What equipment do I need to photograph Messier 48? Final Thoughts Messier 48 is now added to our Messier Catalog!

  • Messier 74 - The Phantom Galaxy | Astrophotography Photos and Tips

    In photographs, Messier 74 has some similarities with Messier 33 (The Triangulum galaxy) and both have To find Messier 74, first locate the brightest star in Pisces, Kullat Nunu. to Charles Messier to include in his catalog. A galaxy similar to Messier 74 is the Triagulum Galaxy - learn more about it here. Messier 75 FAQ In which constellation is the M74 Galaxy located?

  • Messier 101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy | Astrophotography & Pics

    the surroundings of the Pinwheel are also to blame for the non-symmetrical shape of this beautiful Messier We decided to image M101 while waiting for our main target for the night, Messier 16 to rise. astrophotography image of the Pinwheel Galaxy ever taken was done by Isaac Roberts, and was named "Nebula Messier We made a full guide on how to process galaxies on PixInsight using this data of Messier 101 as an example Messier 101 FAQ In which constellation is the M101 Galaxy located?

  • Messier 20 - The Trifid Nebula | Astrophotography Tips and Images

    on June 5, 1764 Messier 20 is not a common deep-sky object. See Messier 20 with its neighbor Messier 8 below. That's 2 Messier objects in one frame! Check out other Messier objects we captured on our Gallery page under Messier Catalog. APO Astrograph, and photograph both Messier 8 and Messier 20 in the same frame!

  • Messier 49 - Galaxy in Virgo Astrophotography Tips & Pictures

    Below you can see our final processed image of Messier 49. It is known that Messier 49 contains an enormous amount of globular clusters. Messier 49 FAQ Which constellation is Messier 49 located in? What equipment do I need to photograph Messier 49? We're glad that we have now captured this object for our Messier catalog!

  • Messier 53 - Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices Astrophotography

    Below you can see our final processed image of Messier 53. A large telescope is the best instrument to use to observe Messier 53. Messier 53 FAQ Which constellation is Messier 53 located in? Messier 53 is a broadband target so you can image it without any filter. What equipment do I need to photograph Messier 53?

  • Messier 37 - The Salt and Pepper Open Cluster in Auriga

    Messier 37, or M37, is the largest, brightest, and most populated of the three. Processing Messier 37 Processing M37 was very easy and fun. Messier 37 FAQ How did the Salt and Pepper cluster get its name? What equipment do I need to photograph Messier 37? It is also one more Messier Object to cross off your list.

  • The Messier Catalog Workbook - A Guide to Capture 110 Messier Objects

    The Messier Catalog Workbook is a complete guide to help you observe and photograph all objects in the Messier catalog. Are you determined to capture every deep sky Messier object? Your goal is of course to either sketch or photograph every Messier object! Purchase the Messier Catalog Workbook here.

  • Messier 26 - Open Cluster in Scutum | Astrophotography Tips & Pictures

    Messier 26 and Messier 11 Mosaic Astrophotography August 2023 After doing a 4-panel mosaic on Rho Ophiuchi Discovery Messier 26 was discovered by Charles Messier himself on June 20 of the year 1764. How to Locate Messier 26 Messier 26 rises with the Milky Way. Messier 26 FAQ What is Messier 26? Messier 26 is an open star cluster also known as NGC 6694. How large is Messier 26?

  • Messier 51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy | 255-Hour Astrophotography Collaboration

    Messier 51, also called the Whirlpool Galaxy, is an exciting deep-sky object for both beginner and advanced Why Choose Messier 51? So why pick M51 for this massive project? Messier 51 can be spotted with binoculars as a gray patch of light. Using filters, you can extract more color and details from Messier 51. Learn how to photograph the Andromeda Galaxy in our Messier 31 tutorial post.

  • Messier 24 - The Sagittarius Star Cloud | Astrophotography Tips & Pictures

    Messier 24 is huge, but is not considered a deep-sky object! Messier 24 FAQ How did M24 get its name? Messier 24 lies approximately 10,000 light-years away from Earth. How long should my exposure time be when photographing Messier 24? Messier 24 is best imaged in RGB+HA.

  • Messier Marathon: Tips to Capture All 110 Objects in One Night!

    Click here to watch our full video guide about the Messier Marathon Who is Charles Messier? If you've heard of the Messier Catalog, you may know the man it's named after - Charles Messier. What's a Messier Marathon? Messier Marathon field guide! as "the lost Messier object" because Messier made a mistake when recording its location.

  • Messier 93 - Open Cluster in Puppis | Astrophotography Tips & Pictures

    Other Messier objects near Messier 93 include M46, M47, and M50. Messier 93 FAQ Which constellation is Messier 93 located in? You can find Messier 93 in the constellation Puppis. How big is Messier 93? How many stars are in Messier 93? Messier 93 contains approximately 80 stars. all Messier objects.

  • Messier 5 - A Globular Cluster in Serpens

    Messier 5 is a globular cluster in the constellation Serpens, 24,500 light-years away from Earth. We imaged Messier 5 from a Bortle 4 zone. Messier 5 appears about 3 arc minutes larger than the most popular globular cluster in the Messier catalog Below is our image of Messier 5. Final Thoughts Messier 5 is an easy target for beginner astrophotographers.

  • M40 - Photographing One of Charles Messier's Mistakes

    Messier 40, also known as Winnecke 4 is just... two regular stars... that were cataloged by Charles Messier M40 is in fact not a deep sky object and was added in Messier's catalog as a mistake! Messier was trying really hard to locate a "nebula" found by Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius. Processing Messier 40 Messier 40 is a very easy target to process. Final Thoughts Messier 40 may be a mistake, but it is a beautiful and happy one!

  • Messier 107 - A Loose Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus

    Messier 107 is a globular cluster in the constellation Ophiuchus. It is the last globular cluster entered in Messier's catalog of deep-sky objects. There are about 100,000 stars in Messier 107. Below is our image of M107! How to Process Messier 107 Messier 107 is like any other globular cluster: Simple to process. The good thing is that it is the last one in Messier's Catalog, so if you were capturing each Messier

  • Charles Messier's Grave Decoration Project - Yearly Update

    The plaque reads: Original in French: Charles Messier Auteur du catalogue Messier, regroupant 110 objets Messier Author of the Messier catalog containing 110 deep-sky objects observed from Paris Participate Sadly, the grave of Charles Messier never receives that much love. Messier’s grave will be cleaned and decorated for TEN years. ✅ $11,305 - Charles Messier’s grave will One year for each object Messier cataloged! [The Project is now CLOSED.

  • Messier 92 - A Bright and Impressive Globular Cluster

    Messier 92 is a bright and large globular cluster in the constellation Hercules. Object Type: Globular Cluster Distance: 26,700 light-years away Magnitude: 6.3 Discovered in: 1777 Messier Our image of Messier 92 GEAR USED: Camera: QHY600C Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130 Mount: Astro-Physics Messier 92 can be found in the constellation Hercules. How to Process Messier 92 Messier 92, like most globular clusters, is very simple to process!

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