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Broadband Astrophotography from a WHITE zone - It’s POSSIBLE!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

🎤 Let's make some noiiiiiiise and welcome today's motivational speaker.... Antoiiiiiine Grelin!!! 👏👏👏

Hi guys, how are you?! Wow, you're all on fire! Yeah Yeah 🎤😎 I had no idea a crowd full of astrophotographers could be this wild! 🤘🤘🤘🔭

Hmmm. Anyway, let's snap back to reality. I don't see myself ever doing public speaking, so let's type instead. Either way, the goal of this post is to motivate you! Motivate you by showing you it is possible to do astrophotography even if you are drowning in light pollution!

Before we start, if you are a complete beginner to astrophotography, be sure to read our full beginner astrophotography guide! Also, take a look at our 7 Tips to do Astrophotography under Extreme Light Pollution guide.

Astrophotography from the city, imaging clusters, galaxies and nebulae from the backyard


Believe it or not, you can do astrophotography from the city without any filters. We live in Las Vegas, which is, in case you didn't know, a very light-polluted city. For the longest time, we assumed that there was just no way to do any deep-sky astrophotography from our house, besides maybe image nebulae with narrowband filters.

Light Pollution Map Las Vegas
You see that white zone? That's Bortle 9, and we are deep in it.

We wanted to try and see if it was possible to image in BROADBAND from a Bortle 9 zone... and tried photographing each type of deep-sky object without filters from our backyard.

Scroll down to see our image of a cluster, a galaxy, and a nebula, all taken with a One-Shot-Color camera and without the use of any filter!