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LDN 1622 - The Boogeyman Nebula in Orion

Updated: May 18, 2023

LDN 1622 is a dark nebula in Orion. It is known as the Boogie Man Nebula due to both its shape and its dark color.

LDN 1622, just like all dark nebulae, is not an easy target, and many hours of exposure are required to get a beautiful result.

Object Designation: LDN 1622

Also known as: The Boogeyman Nebula

Constellation: Orion

Object Type: Dark Nebula

Distance: 500 light-years away

Magnitude: Unknown

Discovered in: Unknown

The Boogieman Nebula zoomed in

The Boogeyman Nebula has a diameter of just about 10 light-years, making it pretty small if we compare it to most other nebula in the Orion region. LDN1622 is much closer to Earth than M42, M78 and the others though, which is why it appears large.

As you can see on our cropped image on the left, the nebula is made up of dark dust, including completely black opaque gas in some areas. These gases are so thick that they fully hide light from stars behind them. The nebula is also located in front of some faint red hydrogen alpha gas, slightly visible here as well.

The image below is the result of just 4.5 hours of total exposure. The target was only high enough in the sky until about midnight, so it was not possible to spend more time on it. It was taken from a Bortle 3 zone in Nevada, one hour away from Las Vegas.

LDN 1622 with a OSC camera and a refractor

LDN 1622 Astrophotography using the Stellarvue SVX130 and the QHY600C


Camera: QHY600C

Telescope: Stellarvue SVX130

Mount: Astro-Physics Mach1

Accessories: Moonlite Nitecrawler focuser / Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox