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PrimaLuceLab Eagle Review - A Mini-PC Dedicated to Astrophotography

Primalucelab Eagle computer

The PrimaLuceLab Eagle is an astrophotography-dedicated mini-computer packed with useful features! It is meant to be attached to a telescope or mount, and be simple to use.

The Eagle computer runs Windows, and gives you full freedom on what software you want to install.

In this review, we try out the Eagle5 S computer and use it on our telescope currently set up at a remote observatory.

Primalucelab Eagle computer full astrophotography review


Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • What is the PrimaLuceLab Eagle?

  • PrimaLuceLab Eagle Models & Prices

  • What's in the Box?

  • First Use and Installation

  • The Eagle Manager X

  • Final Thoughts


What is the PrimaLuceLab Eagle?

The PrimaLuceLab Eagle is a computer. It is meant to be attached to an astrophotography rig and serve as your main imaging computer. You will need to connect all your equipment to the Eagle, and remotely connect to it using any other device in order to start imaging. The Eagle includes all the power and USB ports you can ever need, and each can be turned on and off individually from a distance. It also comes with antennae for strong GPS and WiFi connectivity.

In this review, we will cover the one we have, which is the Eagle5 S.

Eagle5 S General Specs

Eagle Computer in hand