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Get Featured in Galactic Hunter's Next Astrophotography Book (Now Closed)

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Hello everyone!

Some of you might remember the post we made several years ago on our website and social media where we requested images of specific deep sky objects for our first book: "The Astrophotographer's Guidebook."

We felt like this was a great experience and that everyone was excited to have their own astrophotography featured in a book, as well as their name in the credits!

We are almost done writing an astrophotography book focused on all 110 Messier objects, and wanted to allow our community to be part of it once more! We currently have the title "The Messier Catalog Workbook" in mind the book contains some challenges and sketch boxes, but we might change "Workbook" with "Guidebook" if that sounds better. Let us know what you think is best. :)

The Messier Catalog Workbook

Why are we doing this and what are we looking for?

We are looking for images of Messier objects taken with your own equipment. The list below will be updated every day and will get shorter and shorter over time.

We are doing this because we want to give everyone, beginner or advanced, a chance to be featured in a book. We could grab all the images we need from our own work, NASA, or other copyright-free mediums but felt like it would be much more fun to include the Galactic Hunter community!

The table below shows what targets we currently need (yellow) and which ones are locked (red). This table will be updated each day.

Please read the guidelines below on how to submit your images:

  • Use the dedicated forum post to submit your images

  • Send a maximum of 3 images that are still open for submissions (Yellow in the table above). We are aiming to include as many of you as possible so we most likely will only pick one image per person.

  • Your image should be under 3MB

  • Attach your image in the comments section of this post (it's the easiest option for us). If you do not want to sign up to use the forum, you can email your image to us at:

  • Include: basic acquisition details like this:

- Object name

- Total exposure time

- Focal length / telescope or lens

- Type of camera (DSLR, OSC, Mono)

  • Do not forget to include your full name as you want it to appear in the credits (Either your real name or your social media handle, please pick one).

Please understand that we cannot accept everybody's images, especially since it is very likely that we will receive several photographs of the same targets.

  • You will receive a confirmation email if we decide to use your image for the book shortly before release.

  • To increase your chances to have one of your images selected, it is a good idea to submit ones you think are not often imaged (we received a dozen M45's and M31's last time...)

  • In the event that many images of the same target are submitted, people who support us on Patreon will have priority.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us below or on the forum!

Clear Skies,

Antoine & Dalia

Galactic Hunter

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